We need your help! – Pounds for Primaries


We need your help to collect tokens from the Evening Express’ Pounds for Primaries  Promotion, tokens can be handed in to the school office between 16th September and 26th October.  See below for more details:



“There are hundreds of fantastic primary schools in the north-east, but we know, and we’re sure you do too, that many are struggling to find the funds to support the amazing work they do.

Pounds for Primaries aims to help with this problem, benefiting our schoolchildren’s education even further by offering £10,000 of cash prizes to give away to schools across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

The money can be spent on whatever you think the school needs.

So maybe that’s supplies, such as pencils, pens or paper, or perhaps the pupils could really benefit from new computer equipment.

The funds can be be spent on absolutely anything that will help improve the school.

Anyone can collect the tokens too, whether it be parents, teachers or enthusiastic school councils.

A share of the £10,000 can be earned by collecting as many special tokens printed in the Evening Express from Monday September 16 to Saturday October 26.

The schools will be split into three different categories depending on their size, making the chance of collecting the cash even greater.

The top three schools with the most tokens in each category at the end of the collection period will win a share of the cash.

So keep your eyes peeled for the tokens in the Evening Express from next month and support your local primary school.”