Parent Council

The Parent Council take an active interest in the school and local community.  They aim to provide support to all families and to continue to build upon excellent relationships within the school.  The Parent Council is made up of elected parent and staff members and plays an important role in sharing views between home and school.  The Head Teacher is not a member of the parent council but attends meetings as an advisor.  All parents and carers of children within the school and nursery classes are welcome to attend meetings.  Dates, agendas and meeting minutes are shared in the school reception area.


Becoming a member of the Parent Council would be a great way to help develop the school’s role in the community. We are always seeking to work with organisations and agencies which would help us to promote positive behaviour and motivate pupils in their learning. Our links with the local church, Enermech and local business are helping us to provide an education for our children out with the school building.


Contact with the Parent Council can be made through the School Office or by emailing