Vision, Values and Aims

At Heathryburn School, our vision is to provide a high-quality education which inspires our learners to achieve their full potential and equips them with the skills for a successful, healthy and happy life.

Our Aims –

  • Respect ourselves, each other and the world around us
  • Take pride in our school and community
  • Nurture our learners to be happy and healthy
  • Support one another and keep each other safe
  • Achieve potential and never give up!
  • Become lifelong learners

During session 2017-2018, the engagement of all stakeholders in informing updated, values, vision and aims has resulted in the creation of a draft curriculum rationale, defined by the uniqueness and key drivers of Heathryburn School. This will be further developed and implemented by all staff during session 2018-2019.

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